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Our Customer of the Quarter
Every 3 months we choose a Customer of the Quarter Mile. With well over 100 dragster chassis built in the last 7 years, we are blessed to have a customer base of slingshot dragster pilots like no one else. Many of our customers buy a stage 1 frame that is tacked together and build their dream car over a period of many months, even years. They order a steering box one month, a front axle the next, and then maybe wait 3-4 months before buying their next option. The build for them is half the fun. Family and friends get involved and help with the project, and as it gets closer to completion the excitement grows. From farmers to computer programmers, mechanics to doctors; the typical front engine dragster customer is anything but typical. They join the club of slingshot dragster owners and begin the quest to relive history. We say we are building dragsters, but what we are really building is a time machine in the form of a nostalgia dragster that transports the owner back to a simpler time. Magnetos and stack fuel injection, maybe a blower, and zoomie headers all are pieces of the look and feel of how it was back in the day. Light simple drag cars that go like hell with a minimal powerplant. Cars you can work on in your 2 car garage without having to have a crew of 10 people at the track just to make a pass. A dragster where you and your buddy, or you and your spouse or kids, can go to the track and get the feeling of really doing something special. You show up to the track and unload your slingshot dragster and immediately you know something is different. And different is good.. No GREAT.

Our Customer of the Quarter Mile this quarter is Davin Reckow. Davin is no novice when it comes to cars. He works for Hagerty Insurance as the parts specialist and tracks down parts for Hagerty customers who are in need of their vehicle being repaired. Davin bought his stage 1 frame in 2010 and took it back to Michigan to begin the build. For 4 years he worked on the 180" rail and when it was completed, the finished product was spectacular. A full bodied car with owner built rear body and one of our front body kits painted in a retro paint job that wears the Parts Chaser name that all to well fits the owner. Powered by a small block Chevy with injection running on alcohol, Davin's best past to date is a 8.42 @ 158 mph. The fit and finish of the dragster is superb and the car runs straight as an arrow. 90% of the build was done by the owner, with the paint and lettering being applied by a friend. Davin has driven the dragster at Bowling Green Hot Rod Reunion, Milan Dragway, Norwalk at the Blue Moon Cruise race, and many other events. His family is involved with the racing and his daughter Grace pilots a Jr dragster till she is old enough to kick dad out of the Parts Chaser seat. Over the past 5 years plus Davin and his family have become close to our family and we are happy to call them friends. The photo below is just a peek at the Parts Chaser nostalgia front engine dragster built by Davin Reckow. For more of of the story of Davin and the build click on the photo of the car.

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How to price a nostalgia front engine dragster build
WORM INC is proud to offer nostalgia front engine dragsters at a price you can afford. To price your dream build, click on the build sheet link above. It will open an excel sheet that has all the options we offer. Put a "1" in the desired option and the build sheet totals the build for you. When you are complete save the build sheet and email it to us.. It is that simple.

Online Parts Dept.
We want to make it easy for you to buy the correct parts for your Slingshotdragster. Our new parts department is up and running and very easy to use. To check it out CLICK HERE.

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SMOKERS Dragsters coming to tracks 2016
As you might know, we are all about bringing back the past. For 2016, we are building a pair of 140" front engine dragsters that will be all about recreating the greatest era of drag racing - the mid 60's. One rail will be Ford powered, the other Chevy powered. Both blown on nitro with clutch cans and non-slipper clutches. Our plan is to do a match race schedule like our heros did back in the day. Ten tracks in 3 weeks - Run at a track Friday night, drive to another Saturday to match race, then leave for yet another venue on Sunday. Throw in a Wednesday night grudge race and we start all over again on Friday. Three weeks of on the road, cross country match racing action with a film crew riding along to document the mayhem for fans to watch on YouTube. From the moment we unload the two cars off the trailer the fans will know that we are planning something different. As the pair get push started down the return road and maneuver to the starting line with the blown nitro big blocks cackeling, race fans will be on their feet to witness the 1960's right before their very eyes. No water burnouts as the drivers light the prestage bulbs. Rolling in to turn the staged lights on, the RPMs will climb as all anticipate the launch. As the green light shines, the two diggers will take off down the track smoking the tires past half track. We anticipate running in the mid 7 second range at almost 200 mph - just like they did back then. The SMOKERS will be also be at tracks nationwide for fans to see the best "True Nostalgia" side by side match racing available. We are using a GOFUNDME campaign to offset the cost of building the two dragsters as well as helping defray the cost of having a film crew follow us match racing. If you are interested in helping us with the SMOKERS project, click HERE. Your gratitude will not go unnoticed as you will be rewarded with all kinds of cool stuff from SMOKERS T-shirts and hats to actually being able to make a pass in  one of the SMOKERS dragsters. The SMOKERS fund is located at http://www.gofundme.com/yuvdj8


Big Block Chevy Front Engine Dragsters -Stainless Headers
We have been working on these for a while and finally have the look and function we want. Our new big block Chevy Zoomie headers are the finest available. We CNC laser the individual flanges making a cleaner less bulky look for our headers and tig weld polished 2 1/4" tubes to the flanges in a fixture to insure they not only work well, but look right. Laid back for that "speed" look, our headers will be the perfect addition to your big block Chvy powered slingshot dragster. Small block Chevy and Ford headers also available. For more in formation email me at worm@slingshotdragsters.com

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We want to give a big thank you to all our customers. Without them, we would not be here. Our customers are the greatest and we are very blessed to have had their support over the years. We also want to thank the tracks nationwide who promote the nostalgia races. Without their events, we all would not have a place to go to race and show off our rides.

Stop back again to our website as we are always updating it. If you want to come by the shop for a shop tour, be sure to contact us in advance so we can set aside time to show you around



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